The Happy Founder

A focused life is a happy life

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----About The Happy Founder

My name is Walter and over the last 15 years I have been on a long personal development journey which has allowed me to design my life the way I want.   

I have been working on several dimensions of my life, such as spiritual, mental and physical. But one of the spheres I have dedicated more attention to is productivity. I have become obsessed with time management but not for the sake of being efficient, rather because I have understood that managing my time allows me to live a proactive and intentional life. And ultimately to be happy.

This is why for me productivity is not merely an end, it’s rather a way to live according to my values and to have a meaningful life. 

And for this reason I went deep into productivity, focus and time management. I have built tools and methodologies to work better and ultimately to have a meaningful life. I think I have found a formula to transform my personal values into time, which is what most people fail to do in our modern society and it’s the root of many frustrations.

I have been able to work as an independent, to become an entrepreneur and to have a happy life with a wonderful family. And to live on a beautiful island too 😎  I don’t say that to brag. It’s just that I’ve always been self-employed and somehow I was forced to find my work-life balance and not to fall into the trap of a busy and unhappy life.

With The Happy Founder I want to share with the world this long transformational personal development journey and make the methodologies I have developed available to other business owners like me who struggle with productivity and want to improve their life.

The reason why I chose this name for the project is that I strongly believe that work and personal life can co-exist and are the perfect combination for a meaningful and happy life. But only with the right productivity and mindset. 

I like to start and manage businesses and work projects (the founder part of me) but I also love to have a meaningful personal and family life (the happy part of me). And I also believe that the happy part of me makes me a better founder and the founder part of me makes me a happier person 😊

I’m convinced that if time management has been so transformational for me, it can change your life as well. With the right productivity techniques and mindset you can like me get rid of perfectionism, people pleasing, overwhelm, burnout. All consequences of lack of focus into your life.

And remember. A focused life is a happy life!

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