The Happy Founder

A focused life is a happy life

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----The Happy Founder project

My name is Walter and over the last 10+ years I have been on a long personal development journey which has allowed me to design my life the way I want.

Although I have been working on several dimensions of my life, such as spiritual, mental and physical, one of the spheres I have dedicated more attention to is my productivity. I have built tools and methodologies to be more productive at work and ultimately to be happier. 

I have been able to work as an independent, to become an entrepreneur and to have a happy life with a wonderful family. And to live on a beautiful island too 🙂

With the Happy Founder project I want to share with the world this long personal development journey which has transformed me, with the hope that other people can get value from it and improve their lives.

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Be productive. Be happy!

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